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Do You Want To Attract More Readers
And Sell More Books Using Social Media? 

Learn How to Effectively Use Your Social Media To Consistently Sell More Books, Gain More Followers,
& Grow Your Author Brand (Without Using Ads or Feeling Salesy)!

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Bella Rose Pope
Brand Growth Marketing & Content Strategist

99% of authors are NOT using their social media platforms effectively…

Join the top 1% of today's authors who know exactly how to leverage social media to stand out, attract more readers & sell more books.

Learn the secrets of the very few authors that are actually getting REAL results with their social platforms.
Get access to the Social Media For Authors course for $147

A S  F E A T U R E D   I N

Go from Zero Followers to Raving Fans in Just 5 Days

From Bella Rose Pope:
2 Years ago, Chandler Bolt hired me and gave me a very ambitious challenge...

How can we dominate social media all around for everything related to writing books?

At the time Self-Publishing School had 1,000 subscribers on Youtube and a couple thousand followers on Facebook, but the cold hard truth was this: 

We weren't getting any real results with our social media strategy.

As a fiction writer that uses my social platforms to attract and connect with my readers and fans, I knew from experience that just posting on social media wasn't ever going to be enough...
"In our digital world, what gets people to stop their scrolling and actually pay attention?"

I set out to answer that question, and have spent the past 6 years in the world of marketing and content creation, specifically when it comes to writing and publishing. It's what made my role here as Content Creation & Branding Specialist so pivotal in Self-Publishing School's growth!

Today, Self-Publishing School has 71,000 subscribers on Youtube, and 125,000 followers on Facebook!

In this exclusive mini-course, I'm ready to share what I've learned with all of you, so you can get real results from your social media efforts - without spending thousands of dollars on ads and other marketing tactics! 

With a clear, actionable social media strategy, you'll have the best chance of success accomplishing your unique author goals, whether it's to grow your business, impact, or establish a lucrative fiction career. 

Get access to the Social Media For Authors course for $147

The #1 Social Media Course Created By Authors, For Authors...
Without All the Fluff!

Are you struggling to get real results with your social media platforms?

You know you should be on social media, but you have no clue where to even begin.

Maybe you post every so often, then cross your fingers and hope that you’ll get results…

You quickly hit the “Post” button and wait… only to hear *crickets* - no new followers, no engaging comments, no one is clicking. At best, maybe you get few "Likes."

Let's be honest, no one seems to really care.
Why Your Current Social Media Strategy Just Isn't Working
If you're like most authors on social media, you're probably trying every new shiny strategy that comes along. You post on all the platforms without clear direction, and hope it's enough to grow your author brand and sell more books. But none of that works!


- You aren’t following a social media plan that’s designed specifically for authors
- You don’t really understand how to attract your ideal reader & engage with them
- You’re in Analysis Paralysis, wondering when to post, how to post, and what comes next
- You feel icky and awkward on social media because you think you’re being fake or sales-y

But what happens if you just do nothing? If you keep doing what you’ve been doing? Nothing! You won’t get raving new followers, sell more books consistently, or build an author brand that feels authentic to you. 
You're tired of being STUCK with no audience, no time, and no clue on how exactly to put yourself out there consistently?
Don't worry, we've been there! After spending millions of dollars on social media platforms and making tons of mistakes costing us thousands, we've finally cracked the code on an effective, proven social media strategy that attracts engaged followers, generates consistent revenue, and grows our business platform.

What we discovered is the true power of effective social media, but most people don't know this! Using a specific, intentional strategy, we've generated thousands in revenue, and added a massive list of engaged followers who are ready to consume our content and invest in our programs. 

Get access to the Social Media For Authors course for $147

A n n o u n c e m e n t

For the First Time Ever, We're Sharing Our Proven
Social Media Strategy For Authors

The #1 Social Media Mini-Course that authors are using to sell more books and grow their audiences in a way that feels natural and authentic. 

Cut through the overwhelm and stop struggling with "What do I post today?" syndrome... 
It's time to put your social media platform to work for YOU!


  • KNOW exactly which social media platforms you should be on as an author
  • ​GENERATE social media content quickly that feels aligned and true to your author brand
  • CREATE valuable content that build trust and attracts your ideal audience
  • ​SAVE hours of wasted time and effort planning your social media content (by not wasting time deciding what to post)
  • ​BUILD a clear social media plan that is easy to follow and gets you fast results
  • INCREASE your followers and engage your readers 
  • ​CONNECT with your raving fans and share your author journey with them
  • PROMOTE your brand, book, and services without feeling like you're "over-selling"

Get access to the Social Media For Authors course for $147

Who is this for?


Authors who are looking to influence and change lives with a book, while building trust and credibility

Business Builders

Author-Entrepreneur that want to maximize sales and gain authority through social media

Fiction Storytellers

Creative writers that want reader feedback, to share their journey, and engage with fans

5 Modules of Fully Immersive Lessons
with Actionable Guidance

You're going to learn...  

Learn which social platforms you should actually focus on based on your specific target audience, and how to speak directly to them in a way that feels natural...

The #1 formula for getting people to stop scrolling, and start listening! Learn how to provide value for your readers that will convert them to raving followers. This works for both fiction and nonfiction! 
Discover how to use Twitter to get results, the most powerful hashtags for authors, and specific tools for engaging your audience...

Learn whether or not you should be using Instagram to grow your author brand, with a specific strategy on how to use this visual-based platform that paints an authentic picture of you to readers...

Discover 5 ways to establish your author brand and help your audience get to know, like, and trust you (PS: it doesn't have to be selfies!)

Tap into this mighty platform with a LinkedIn strategy that generates results, and attracts the right type of audience that will convert to sales...

Learn how to weave it all together to create and implement a strong, focused social media plan that's easy to follow and guaranteed to get you results!

Social Media For Authors: Fiction & Nonfiction

  • Strategies for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • Identifying Your Target Audience
  • Screenshare Deep-Dives to Guide You Along
  • Ultilizing Hasgtags Effectively
  • The Biggest Mistakes To Avoid
  • How to Promote Your Book, Without Being Pushy

Grab the Social Media For Authors course!

In the massive world that is social media nowadays, knowing how to use it effectively to sell your books can be difficult. Where is your audience hiding out? How do you find them? And when you do, how do you loop them into your world so they buy your book...without being pushy, salesy, or annoying?

Get access to the Social Media For Authors course for $147

Frequently Asked Questions

Still Wondering If This Course is Actually For You? 

Here are some common questions...
What if I haven't actually published my book yet?
Then this is the perfect course for you! There's nothing more powerful than getting a headstart on building your author brand. And believe it or not, marketing your book starts BEFORE you even launch it. What better way to take action and share your journey?

What makes this social media product different from the rest?
We know there are a lot of social media products out there. But what we found is that authors need a specific social media strategy. This course was created by authors and publishing experts, specifically for authors who want to promote their books and get more followers without using paid ads.

What if I don't have a book? 
That's okay! If you don't have a book yet, but know eventually you WILL have one, then you will learn a ton from this course that you will be able to start implementing and generating ideas from when it comes time to start working on a book. You can even take what you've learned in the course to build your following and get valuable feedback on future book ideas. 

What social media platforms does this course work for? 
The foundation can work for any platform, but this specific course includes complete modules on Twitter, Instragram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, which are the top social media platforms currently.

I don't use social media at all right now. Will this still work for me?
Absolutely! If you've avoided social media altogether, or created accounts but then forgot about them, then it's never too early to start. Now, more than ever, people are ready and willing to engage and connect on social media. Plus, with Social Media For Authors, you'll learn exactly how to get set up!

Will this work for both fiction and nonfiction authors?
YES! From the beginning, we knew how important it was to create a course that taught authors of all styles, genres, and backgrounds how to effectively use social media. With this in mind, the course purposefuly includes specific examples that will work for fiction writers and nonfiction writer alike!

Get access to the Social Media For Authors course for $147

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