Are You Just 24 Hours Away From
Telling Your Fiction Story?

FINALLY, a proven way to structure your story in a way that readers LOVE, in only 24 hours ...
Feeling stuck? Not sure what to do next? 
Use the same mapping and outlining system we teach our fiction writers to help them write an amazing fiction story that readers love to read for only $7.

Join the 24-Hour Fiction Outline Challenge NOW!

After successfully coaching hundreds of fiction writers through writing to publishing their first (or eighth) fiction book, we have developed a clear cut system to move amazing creatives from "fiction writer" to "fiction author"....

The first step of writing an incredible fiction story that readers will LOVE to read, is a solidly planned outline for your story.

And now, for a limited time, you can outline your fiction story for only $7.

Are You A Fiction Writer Who:

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  • Closes your eyes and you can SEE, HEAR, AND SMELL your characters as if they're right beside you, but when you try to explain your story idea to other people, they get lost and confused?
  • Sometimes, feels like you’re all over the place when you try to explain your book idea (it makes sense to you, but maybe not everyone else yet…)?
  • ​Has journals or notes of stories started, with character ideas and story ideas, but no way to tie them all together?
  • Has spent hours pouring over blog articles and forum threads, leaving open invitations to have other (hopefully more established authors) look over your work and give you feedback and pointers, only to hear crickets? 
  • ​Has been dying to get this story out into the world, but you feel stumped, like you just don’t know what the next step is? 

What If You Had...

  • A full-out, plug-and-play structure - something to help you take your notes, your ideas, and map them out into story points and chapters...
  • A writing tool made specifically for fiction authors - a tool that allows your characters and story to move freely, without being boxed in, and gives you some writing guideposts, to keep your story in a structure readers can follow and enjoy (and keep your story from going all over the place and falling off the page)..
  • The writing freedom you really crave - by following our proven system, you can get back to focusing all your creative attention on all the details that pull your readers in and make them desperate to turn the page (it's all starts with giving yourself a strong foundation to write from, allowing you the freedom to write unhindered)...

You can have it all... And more....
In less than 24 hours...

So you can get on to the best parts of writing...

Pulling worlds and characters out of your imagination and breathing life into them on paper.

The 24-Hour Fiction Outline Challenge

24 hour fiction book outline challenge

Helping Fiction Writers Become Fiction Authors Since 2017

In 2018, Self-Publishing School added a fiction branch to our 
school offerings. 

While we had a great track record of helping thousands of non-fiction students self-publish their books, we saw a HUGE gap.

Fiction writers everywhere were struggling.

In groups and forums, fiction writers needed a framework that worked for them, with their creativity in mind, that still allowed them the freedom to write and flow with their story…

And so many just didn’t know the basic steps to fiction writing.

But as you well know…

Fiction writing and non-fiction writing are two TOTALLY DIFFERENT things…

While our "Become A Bestseller" course was AMAZING for our non-fiction students, helping them self-publish hundreds of books per year...

...that same format just didn’t work for fiction...

So we partnered with full time fiction author, Ramy Vance, to create a course specifically for fiction writers.
Ramy has been writing fiction since he was a kid, but started taking his career seriously since 2014.

Our "Fundamentals of Fiction" curriculum has helped hundreds of students go from “fiction writer” to “fiction author”...

In fact, the course plus hands-on coaching was SO EFFECTIVE, Ramy tapped one of the fiction students who was killing it in the course, to join him and the SPS team as a fiction coach.

Now Ramy and Barbara (also a bestselling author and series fiction author) work in our Fundamentals of Fiction course and Full-Time Fiction Author courses, helping coach fiction writers and fiction authors on next steps from everything from writing, to self-publishing, to becoming a full-time fiction author...

The 24-Hour Fiction Outline Challenge you’re about to embark on, is an excerpt from one of our courses - Fundamentals of Fiction.

This course was designed specifically to give fiction writers the skills and frameworks used by thousands of successful authors everywhere, to create stories that intrigue readers and have them coming back for more….

Think It's IMPOSSIBLE To Write
A QUALITY Fiction Outline in ONLY 24 Hours?

Not with this program! We’re going to show you the 3 Elements you need in your story
(plus how to map them out in 5 simple steps) …

Will writing a fiction outline in 24-hours leave me with plot holes and gaps? 

No. This Fiction program was put together specifically FOR fiction writers - all genres - by a full-time fiction writer and fiction coach.

In the 24 Hour Fiction Outline Cheat Sheet, we’ll walk you through step-by-step to help you clarify your story so you can tell a story readers won’t forget..


We'll also teach you the sneaky point of view twist some authors miss when writing their story - (missing this element in your writing can smother your story out of the gate…)

Map Your Fiction Story in 24 Hours for Only $7 

Complete the 24-Hour Fiction Outline Challenge
and Walk Away With:

  • Clarity on how to plot your story using a story format that reader’s ADORE and UNDERSTAND (so that they can follow your story from start to finish)
  • A fleshed out outline to help you identify any gaps or blocks you have in your story development - so that you can fill them in NOW before you hit writer’s block in Chapter 11…
  • A comfortable framework that you can use as guideposts in writing, so you don’t miss any major (or minor) elements while writing your book…
  • ​A flexible outline that always you the fluidity to go back to and revise major points in your story - as your story and your characters evolve - without losing yourself, your characters, or your audience in the process
  • An actual place to put and organize all those pages of journal notes, audio recordings, and saved notes in your “Book I’m Writing” folder into a living document that can help you ask important story and plot questions and pull your story out of you - for you (without the brain strain of starting from scratch or trying to sort and organize a pile of papers on your desk)….
  • ​A clear way to FINALLY explain your book idea and story premise to your family, friends, and audience, without having their eyes glaze over in lost confusion…
  • The NEXT STEP in actually writing and finishing your book….

From Fiction Outline to 5-Time Published Fiction Author...

Paul James has been a Self-Publishing School Fiction Student in our coaching program since 2018.

Since joining SPS, Paul has used this same outline framework you’ll learn in this course to write a series of fiction books (currently 7 are available for purchase on Amazon) in under 4 years…

Currently, Paul has over 280 book reviews (and counting) for an average rating of 4.5 stars on Amazon (meaning, readers really love his work!) …
In the last 30 days alone... Paul sold 202 books.

Since publishing his first book with Self-Publishing School, Paul has sold over 2,200 books…

Map Your Fiction Story in 24 Hours for Only $7 

With our 24-Hour Fiction Outline Challenge You’ll Get:

  •  A simple, action-oriented course created to KEEP :handclap: YOU :handclap: MOVING, so you can avoid getting “story-stuck”...
  • A complete outline template for your fiction book (plus 6 instructional videos written and recorded by a full time best-selling fiction author, with 4+ years of experience as a fiction coach (so he understands the battle that is going on in your head RIGHT NOW and will tell you how to overcome it in this course in as little as 24 hours...
  • ​A carefully crafted framework to help you map out your story clearly and concisely (so you can finally explain your plot structure to someone you know. (Imagine that person is so clear on your plot and storyline and so excited for you, that they can’t wait to read your book when you’re finished! They may even ask to be on your beta reader list!)
  • ​Everything you need to get this done in one, easy to navigate online course, so you can stop digging through 50 articles and 200 forum threads to finally understand how to outline a book - the right way.
fiction book outline instructional videos ramy vance self publishing school

6 Instructional Videos recorded by a best-selling full-time fiction author

 (plus fiction book writing coach)
Ramy will walk you through the core elements of fiction storytelling, including:

 ● What does it take to build a story?
​ ● Premise, A-Story, and Hero’s Journey in Storytelling
​ ● Outlining Your Fiction Novel
​ ● The 5 Milestones for Success
​ ● Incorporating the Villain’s Point Of View
​ ● to use this method again and again to create your fiction
    series, just like Paul James….
24 hour fiction book outline challenge templates and cheat sheets

24-Hour Fiction Outline Challenge Printable Workbook

Use this 5-page printable template pack to guide you as you map out your ideas in real time with Ramy!

Mapping out your story has NEVER been easier! 

Each section is fill-in-the-blank ready for your ideas....

Time to collect all those notes and organize them into a single reference you point you can use time and time again to help keep you, your story, and characters on track...


Accountability and Next-Steps Call with a Publishing Resource Specialist

Want some clarity or "next steps" on your book or book series from a professional working with writers and authors in the indie author realm? 

Our Publishing Resource Specialists help fiction writers just like you - become fiction authors EVERY DAY.

If you want to learn more about what comes next after the outline, and what it takes to get published or become a series fiction author, get expert advice and answers to your questions in a one-on-one call - yours FREE with this challenge purchase. ($249 value)

This is your chance to pull your story together -
your story, story structure, and other story elements -
using our easy-to-use fiction outline templates and instructional videos. 

Map Your Fiction Story in 24 Hours for Only $7 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this outline work for my genre?
A: Yes. While all genres are different, the premise of excellent storytelling is the same.

Q: Are there any hidden costs? 
A: Nope! $7 is $7. You can use this again and again to map out the 1 million stories in your head!

Q: Will I only have access to the challenge for 24 hours? 
A: No. You have lifetime access to this course. Meaning, for the lifetime the course is available online, you have access. Even if the price changes. :)
That said, the challenge is to get your fiction outline DONE so you can get clarity and start writing your book - so try to get it done in 24 hours!

Q: Why is this price so low? 
A: We’re looking for a few select fiction writers who have the drive and work ethic to become full time fiction authors.

This mini-course is one of many smaller offers that we have created to (1) help writers take a specific step to move from “writer” to “author”, and (2) to screen potential future authors.

We’re looking for coachable writers who are eager (and willing) to learn the intricate ins-and-outs of everything it takes to publish their first work of fiction, and then continue on to be a multi-published fiction author.

At the end of this outline challenge, you’ll be given the opportunity to book a call with our Publishing Success Strategist.

The Strategist will ask a few clarifying questions regarding the premise of your story and offer feedback on any unclear areas to help you move forward in shaping your book.

They will also ask questions about your goals for the book, the time you have available to devote to writing and marketing your book, and see if there are any areas you are unclear on.

At the end of the call, if the Strategist feels you would benefit from one of our Fiction Education Paths, and that you are a good fit for our programs, you may be offered a chance to work with us.

Our school has an unheard of success rate for our industry - writers who work with us are 1300% more likely to accomplish their goals, than if they purchased another course online.

You’ll get a sampling of our teaching style (and an instant result for your book) within this $7 course. 

Q: Anything else I should know? 
A: Yes! We love feedback! Our mission at Self-Publishing School is to help 100,000 people publish their book, impacting 120 million people’s lives through leveraged impact.

We believe books change lives - both the author's life, and the readers.

So, we’re constantly trying to make our educational paths and courses more enjoyable, fun, and results-oriented.

You may receive a call from our Author Resource Team to see how you enjoyed the course and to see if you have any questions or need additional resources.

Map Your Fiction Story in 24 Hours for Only $7 

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